7 Roles of An Immigration Specialist in Singapore for Obtaining Singapore Permanent Residency Status

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Have you ever dreamed of seeing Singapore’s soaring skyscrapers, colorful skyline, and experiencing its rich cultural tapestry and unparalleled economic opportunities every day? If so, you’re one of the many people who are seeking Permanent Residency in Singapore. This gleaming jewel of Southeast Asia is also known for its strong economy, high quality of life and diverse culture. Because of this, it has become one of the world’s most desirable destinations and many individuals desire to settle down in Singapore.

However, the path to permanent residency isn’t easy. It’s like a labyrinth of processes and intricate requirements. This is where immigration specialists play a crucial role so you can get the help you need throughout the process when you apply for Singapore Permanent Residence. With the expertise and support of an immigration specialist, your dreams will turn into reality. In this article, we will unravel the role of immigration specialists in Singapore and how they can help in your pursuit for Singapore Permanent Residence.

Understanding Singapore's Permanent Residency Process

Singapore has different schemes for Permanent Residence (PR) applications. As a foreigner, you may be eligible to apply for Singapore PR if you are a/an:

(i) Holder of an Employment Pass or S Pass;
(ii) Spouse of a Singapore citizen or Singapore PR;
(iii) Unmarried child aged below 21 years old, born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, a Singapore citizen or PR;
(iv) Aged parent of a Singapore citizen;
(v) Student studying in Singapore;
(vi) Foreign investor in Singapore; or
(vii) Foreign artistic talents.

The documentation requirements for Singapore PR application will vary depending on which scheme the application is made under. For a Singapore PR application to be successful, it is essential to comprehend the entire procedure under the scheme which is most suitable for the applicant’s profile.

Regarding the assessment criteria, there is currently no points-based system for Singapore PR applications.

Based on the information stated on the website of the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA), for PR applications, “ICA considers factors such as the individual’s family ties to Singaporeans, economic contributions, qualifications, age, family profile and length of residency, to assess the applicant’s ability to contribute to Singapore and integrate into our society, as well as his or her commitment to sinking roots in Singapore”. Individuals interested in applying for Singapore PR may check the website of ICA for more information.

What is an Immigration Specialist?

Before we discuss the roles of an immigration specialist in Singapore, let’s define what it is and how they can help you for your Singapore immigration needs. Immigration specialist refers to a person who possesses extensive knowledge and competence in the local immigration policies, rules, and processes. They specialize in guiding individuals and families through the complex immigration process, offering support, assistance, and individualized consultancy services all along the way to acquiring visas, work passes, or Permanent Residency status.

Immigration specialists make sure that their clients receive proper information and assistance in preparing and filing their immigration applications by staying up to speed with the most recent rules and requirements. Immigration consultants assist their clients in determining eligibility, preparing the application forms and the supporting documentation, carrying out evaluations, corresponding with immigration authorities on behalf of the clients (if required), and resolving any issues that may come up throughout the immigration process. Lastly, immigration services providers act as dependable partners for people aiming to achieve their immigration objectives and pursuing new prospects.

To fully fulfill their role, immigration specialists need a broad skill set. They should have strong communication, research, and analytical abilities in addition to being well-versed in immigration policies and regulations. They need to be organized, detail-oriented, and able to handle several situations at once. Immigration specialists frequently have great intercultural ability and language skills as dealing with customers from different origins requires cultural awareness and empathy.

Immigration experts play a crucial role as facilitators in an increasingly interconnected world where migration is necessary for advancement in the social, economic, and cultural spheres. They aid both individuals and organizations in navigating the intricate immigration system. These professionals play a crucial part in influencing the success of businesses and the lives of countless people via their knowledge and commitment. With the help of an immigration specialist, you can be positive to fulfill a vibrant future in Singapore.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Immigration Specialist

Prior to engaging with an immigration specialist, it’s important that you know their exact roles and responsibilities. We detailed below the tasks that they can do to help you turn your dreams of making Singapore your permanent home into reality.
1. Initial consultation and assessment

In the initial consultation, an immigration consultant discusses with the applicant to get vital details about their background, goals, and immigration aims. They carefully evaluate each applicant’s profile, taking into account factors such as educational background, employment history, language ability, and personal circumstances. This evaluation serves as a starting point for creating a unique immigration plan and aids the specialist in identifying the applicant’s best immigration options. That’s why we strongly recommend working with an immigration consultancy firm if you wish to migrate to Singapore or start a business in Singapore.

2. Determining the most suitable PR scheme

The immigration expert provides consultancy and recommendations for the best Permanent Residency scheme or program based on an evaluation of the applicant’s aims and profile. They have in-depth knowledge of the various types of schemes catered for PR application, including investment-based programs, family sponsorship, skilled migration programs, and special categories for extraordinary talent. The specialist assists the applicant in choosing the most practical and advantageous PR pathway by taking into account their credentials, abilities, and long-term goals.

3. Document preparation and verification

Providing assistance to applicants with preparing the necessary paperwork is one of an immigration specialist’s key duties. They should also be able to aid in gathering the required documents, which includes identification papers, academic certificates and transcripts, testimonials from previous employers, current letter of employment and payslips. The possibility of mistakes or inconsistencies that could cause delays or the application’s rejection is minimized by the rigorous assessment of each document by an immigration consultancy firm to ensure compliance with the regulations established by the immigration authorities.

4. Guiding through the application submission

Immigration experts are essential in assisting candidates with the full application submission procedure. They make sure everything is completed accurately, signatures are obtained where necessary, and the application is filed within the applicable time frame. The specialist increases the likelihood of a successful application outcome by strictly adhering to submission criteria and immigration policies.

5. Facilitating interviews and additional requirements

As part of certain PR application process (for example, Singapore PR application made under the Global Investor Programme), selected candidates may be invited to attend an interview with the relevant authority or submit additional supporting documents. Immigration experts help candidates get ready for such interview by giving advice on the kinds of questions that might be asked and the essential paperwork to bring. Similarly, the specialist makes sure that applicants are prepared and satisfy additional documentation requirements, such as an updated business plan.

6. Follow-up and correspondence with relevant authorities

After the submission of the PR application, the immigration consultancy agency will actively monitor the status of the application. If the authorities ask questions or express concerns, the immigration specialists will work together with the applicant to prepare a quick response to the authorities and offers any clarifications or extra information that is needed. The immigration specialist must be able to communicate effectively for a smooth exchange of information between the applicant and the pertinent immigration department or government agencies.

7. Addressing complications and appeals

Immigration specialists also provide helpful advice and support in the event of difficulties or issues during the PR application procedure. They are capable of identifying and offering solutions to problems that might develop since they have a thorough awareness of immigration policies and regulations. If an application is turned down, experienced immigration specialists can help individuals with the preparation and submission of an appeal to the authority. Their proficiency in dealing with issues and appeals raises the possibility of a positive result.

Immigration experts help people navigate the challenging process of acquiring Permanent Residency immensely by attentively carrying out these duties. They aid foreign professionals and entrepreneurs who want to settle down in Singapore in achieving their immigration objectives and improving their prospects of establishing a new life in Singapore.

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